How can you help your employees be to be?

With no employment guarantees, employees and contingency workers look for other sources of security – skills, knowledge and experiences. These often have more value than salary increases, promotions and impressive sounding job titles.

The most effective retention tool in today’s world of work is helping others grow and understanding their ‘why’ (purpose). As a manager, your intentions, relationships and interactions can change the lives of those who work for you and the careers that you help to shape.

Retention Services

Getting to know your employees

Understanding your employees' unique working styles and what's really driving them is the key to appreciating their hidden depths and capacity. Learn how they think, act and are motivated using our LAB Profile Behavioural Tool. Adapt your language and actions based on what’s important to them to motivate each individual employee.

Keeping skills up to date

Skills have a shorter shelf life than ever before as organisations rapidly adapt and change to meet external demands. Are you having career conversations regularly to ensure that your employees have the skills and tools they need to keep up? Is the work they are doing playing to their strengths, giving them purpose? Helping your employees feel relevant and valued in their career.

Opportunities for growth

Do you have a navigation system for development within your company? Career crafting is one way to keep employees engaged. It also creates a strong internal talent pipeline. It’s worth remembering - whilst one person may be happy doing the same thing for 5 years, this could drive others out the door! We coach managers and employees to identify development areas and how to attain them.

Helping employees step up

Growth often leads to a bigger role. Coaching and mentoring helps your employees navigate workplace politics, develop leadership and influencing skills. We ask questions that prompt insights and get those 'aha' moments flowing. Giving employees the confidence to do what they thought was not possible and get them where they (and you) need them to go.

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