Recruitment success: Honesty is the best policy
Date: 29th June 2015
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shutterstock_215758708A job interview can be a strange and scary experience for candidates and hiring managers alike.

Many of us focus on the nerve-wracking experience of the candidate – trying to sell themselves in a short period of time, whilst coming across as a likeable figure unlikely to ruffle any feathers within the prospective organisation. But what is often overlooked is the experience of the interviewer(s). The employer.

The hiring manager’s role…

If they are taking the process seriously, it shouldn’t only be the candidate showing off! The hiring manager is also trying to ‘show off’ to their would-be employee. They are trying to show that they have a nice place to work, that they are great people to work for and that the job itself is an interesting and exciting one.

But just like a keen candidate can over-exaggerate their own achievements, this enthusiasm from the employer can often lead to a little bit of creative licence when it comes to the job itself. All of which can create an unrealistic impression, causing a breakdown in the psychological contract between employer and employee.

Don’t bend the truth!

So unless you want to end up like Pinocchio, don’t bend the truth! The cost of hiring and firing someone is approximately 1.5 times a ‘general’ salary (and as much as 10 times a senior salary). It’s a costly process! Not to mention all the time and effort involved.

By breaking the psychological contract before the prospective employee has even started, an employer is running the risk of forking out extensive time and money repeating the process.

This means that honesty – from both sides – throughout the application process, is absolutely essential. It’s important not to sugar coat the full story of what the role contains.

Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…

You may worry that the full truth will cost you your chances of securing a good applicant. But if that person is not committed to the standards of the company, you will lose them at a later stage anyway. Why delay this? You’re only signing up for more costs – and disruption – for your business.

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

It’s a job seekers market out there, so recruiters need to be top of their game in order to secure the top talent. Candidates are doing their research, and only applying for jobs that truly appeal. They’re no longer firing off CVs, left right and centre! So what does your job description say about you? Does it scream “work with us!” If not, perhaps it’s time to revaluate your strategy in order to attract these new, sophisticated job seekers.

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