The Challenge? A tech start-up dealing with rapid growth

In 2000, Trinite bought Nildram, a small broadband service provider. The merger of the two companies meant they doubled in size to 40 staff overnight. After outsourcing their recruitment to Recrion, Nildram continued to grow to 120 staff before being acquired by Pipex Communications (now TalkTalk) in 2004. 

The Issues:Nildram

  • The HR function was small as it had been an owner managed business and didn’t have a dedicated HR resource. The Admin/Finance Director was not skilled in recruitment and selection and needed to focus her limited resources on managing the rapid growth of the company
  • Projected growth meant that specialist technical staff would be required in larger volumes than the existing HR function had ever dealt with
  • The traditional method of using local agencies was proving to be unsuccessful as neither company had a high profile/recognisable brand and local agencies didn’t understand the technical skills required
  • Transport links to its offices on the Triangle Business Park were limited. This directly affected Nildram’s ability to attract technical candidates who were required to work shifts.

The Objectives:

  • Key priorities were selling the Nildram brand and raising its profile in the local area
  • Establishing a recruitment process that focused on attracting and selecting top quality candidates whilst reducing costs
  • Creating a recruitment process that was robust but speedy and didn’t require line managers involvement until a short list had been generated
  • Identify professional agencies and partnered with them to provide the best candidates at cost effective prices.

 How did Recrion help?

 Raised brand awareness by:

  • Working with local educational institutions to attract candidates completing their BTEC in IT or relevant qualifications; attendance at job fairs
  • Ran weekly advertising campaigns in the local press and looked for opportunities to do advertorials/careers advice in Careers Crossroads supplement and generate free PR.

 Saved £50k on recruitment spend in first year by:

  • Setting up a friendly but structured “Careers” page on Nildram’s website that reflected the company culture and actively promoted attracting direct candidates
  • Introduced a centralised recruitment process and built a talent pool of candidates that could be considered for vacancies prior to considering using external sources
  • By having frank and probing competency based telephone interviews with candidates “red flag” issues such as salary, lifestyle, travel were tackled early so that the short list of 2/3 resulted in a job offer after only 1 face to face meeting saving huge amounts of time for Nildram managers and very few turn downs or counter offers
  • Established solid partnerships and favourable terms of business with select agencies and coached them to only send their top candidates thus reducing unnecessary screening of CVs and improving time to hire.

Improved staff retention:

  • Focussed on candidates living within a 15-mile radius of Aylesbury which resulted in shift patterns being fully resourced and a low staff turnover
  • The candidates’ experience of the recruitment process was positive and consistent with Nildram’s brand – the agencies had previously “oversold” the company and opportunities leading to a mismatch in cultures and career aspirations.

“Katherine has always given us great results through understanding our requirements and filtering through the best possible candidates, having applied a thorough qualification methodology. I highly recommend her!”
Iain Ogilvy, Marketing Manager, Nildram