The Challenge? A growing start-up looking to rapidly build a great team.

Start-up success is tightly related to what investors tend to call “the team”. This includes the founders and their drive to move the business forward. But one aspect that is very often overlooked is those individuals’ management skills and their ability to grow a team diverse both in skills and personalities. This is because, start-ups in particular, as well as large companies, can be plagued by management issues and unhappy employees who feel they are not in the right place.

NymblyJerome Joaug, Co-Founder and Director of Nymbly, came to Recrion for support at the pre-recruitment stage. As a fast-growing start-up, the company needed to ensure they would be recruiting the right candidates, who would remain motivated and keep productivity levels high in order to drive the momentum.

The Solution? Introducing the LAB Profile to Nymbly’s recruitment strategy.

The LAB profiling method is a way to prevent people issues from arising as a company grows. It allows us to understand better what motivates the candidate and in what environment they are likely to perform the best. Part of that environment is the manager (in this case the client, Jerome Joaug, Co-founder and Director of Nymbly).

Working with Jerome at the pre-recruitment stage, we looked in depth at how a candidate would need to be motivated to make decisions, think, and communicate with the rest of the team and how to identify them using the LAB Profile. As he became more familiar with the LAB Profile methods, Jerome was confidently equipped with techniques to recruit and retain successfully.

The Outcome for Nymbly: Super Star Recruits and a Motivated Team.

Introducing the LAB Profile in to Nymbly’s recruitment and retention strategy meant that they were able to identify the candidates that had real potential to thrive within the organisation. There was no time wasted interviewing or employing candidates who weren’t suited to the role – as these were identified in the early pre-interview stages!

This tactic proved particularly important for super star recruits, the ones that are the most valuable to start-ups. In Nymbly’s industry, top talent is often highly technically skilled but may have personality traits that can lead to difficulties when working within a team environment. Jerome was able to positively identify and pre-empt these potential issues using what he had learned from the LAB Profile. He was able to more accurately manage employee’s motivations. Employees’ interests became better aligned with the company, ensuring a team who was motivated and ultimately driving the success and growth of Nymbly.

The LAB Profile allows employers to go beyond personality tests.

Many HR methodologies still rely on personality tests, which don’t delve deeply enough. The LAB Profile allows us to go beyond, and to identify the motivational patterns of candidates. But more importantly for Nymbly, they also allowed managers such as Jerome to learn communication tools to ensure he builds and retains a motivated, focused and driven team.  

“Working with Katherine has been enlightening in two aspects.
First, we worked on my personal profile, which has taught me a lot about myself and the way I interact with people.
Second, she is a master of the LAB profile, meaning that she is not only applying the method but also has a tremendous amount of practical experience on how this theoretical framework applies in practice, having worked with every type of company ranging from small start-ups to large corporations.
Understanding and communicating with my employees has become a passion and this is really thanks to my interaction and coaching from Katherine.”
Jerome Joaug, Co-founder and Director,