Could Two be Better Than One? Job Sharing in the Workplace
Date: 11th December 2015
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shutterstock_95590339Job sharing. It sounds simple. It looks straightforward.

You hear about people working part-time or working flexible hours – but not often job sharing. Especially at a senior level. So why aren’t more employers and candidates talking about it and doing it?

Today’s job industry is certainly a candidates’ market. The economy is bouncing back and job availability is at it’s highest in years. As a result, candidates are becoming more particular about the jobs they apply for and ultimately, accept. The emphasis is leaning towards finding a job that they will love, rather than any old job that will pay the bills! And for many, finding a better work-life balance is a key factor in this, which is where job sharing comes in.

The benefits for the employee are fairly obvious, including the flexibility, improved work life balance, opportunity for further education or other hobbies, as well as a higher level of teamwork and camaraderie.

But how can job sharing benefit an employer?

It’s not just your employees who will reap the benefits of more flexible working options! A survey conducted by Ginibee (a platform designed to help people find job share partners) found that 43% of candidates would actively search for a jobsharing role. So what are you waiting for? If you are currently recruiting and struggling to find those ideal candidates, why not consider offering job share opportunities?

By keeping an open mind, you will open up the doors to a whole new pool of potential candidates. Two really could be better than one!