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Introducing Recruitment & Retention Coach, Katherine Wiid

Very few managers are given the training and mentoring they need to be skilled at recruiting and retaining their teams. They mostly go “by feel” or copy what their peers are doing. This has a 50 / 50 chance of success at best. In virtual environments with no face-to-face interaction, the success ratio is even lower.

As a coach and mentor, I help managers build their skills and confidence to recruit and retain within their setting, learning what will work for them, their team, and their organisation. 

I bring 25 years of recruiting in South Africa, the UK, for start-ups, scaling tech companies, on selection panels with senior members of the judiciary, in face to face and remote settings. Using psycho linguistics, I coach my clients to decode peoples’ motivational triggers so that the way they recruit and motivate others is in sync with how people’s minds work.


Interviewing Via Video

As recruiters, how often are our interview techniques below par? Download our guide to explore why, when it comes to interviewing via video, preparation is key!
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Recruiting Via Video

Recruiting via video doesn’t just throw up challenges. Learn about the opportunities it gives us to become more aware and to fine-tune the process! It's more about you than the candidate...
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Bridging the Recruitment Gap

Get stuck in to the results of a research project recently undertaken, exploring the recruitment gap the UK is currently facing...
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Onboarding Via Video

Onboarding remotely is a delicate balancing act – what channels of communication should you use and how often? Learn how to transition a new starter from candidate to part of your team's DNA.​
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